Hey Kindergarten Part 2, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Children Photographer

My Birdie is starting Kindergarten this year, making this mama full of different emotions.  On the one hand, I’m so excited for her to jump into learning with others, to make long-lasting friendships and to experience all the joy that comes with childhood and growing.  But on the other hand, my little comrade is going to be gone all day.  We’ve had so many adventures together in these preschool years, yet I know we will have many more to come during these school years. Birdie is anView full post »

Hey Kindergarten Part 1, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Children Photographer

Hey Kindergarten!  You are getting one smart, sassy and lovable little gem this year, named Reese.  This precious girl has been my Caroline’s friend since the day she was born.  Seriously, we went to meet little Miss in the hospital when my Caroline was only 7 days old.  The two are more like sisters that get along like best friends.  So you’ll have to excuse the overly mushy, descriptive words used to describe Reese.  I’m a little sentimental on this one. I feel like her mamaView full post »

Love is in the Air, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Engagement Photographer

I recently had the privilege of hanging out with newly engaged couple, Katie and Landon for the evening.  Friendly, chill and very much in love is how I would first and foremost describe this cool couple.  They were so sweet to one another, holding hands and sneaking in a kiss whenever they could.  Photographing them was ridiculously easy.  Naturals I tell you! << (photographers dream!) I love how these turned out, but I’m not done yet…we’re going to photographView full post »

Sweet Like Summer, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Lifestyle Photographer

As a photographer, I can truly file this moment under “Lifestyle Photography” as the moment was unscripted and adorable!  With summer coming to an end soon, I love that I caught my little one sitting at the kitchen counter eating ice cream straight out of the carton.  Gotta love her!  No permission.  No qualms.  Just happy with a chocolate mustache.  I’m going to miss summer!View full post »

Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Family Photographer

I’m just a wee bit excited right now.  Just a bit.  Maybe a ton, but seriously, I’m trying to keep it all in.  After spending a good 6 years photographing my family and friends while learning the art of photography I’ve decided to take the plunge and go for it…and this is it.  My website…my love…my art…”Jaime Ferguson Photography.”  Now say that 3 times while jumping on one foot…{snickering giggle}.    Boy, that’s aView full post »