The N Family, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco Photographer, Family Photographer

This gorgeous family was such a treat to photograph. Kristen was my “big sister” in college in Chi Omega. She ended up marrying on of Kyle’s fraternity brothers, Adam. It was so fun to see them recently and take their beautiful family’s pictures. Their kids are not only beautiful but also hilarious. Andie–the little one–kept telling me “boom shaka lakaka!” while throwing up the peace sign. I DIED. I really feel the kid’s personalitiesView full post »

My Little Man is 10, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco Photographer, Child Photographer

My little man is quite possibly no longer allowed to have the title “little man.” Yep, he entreated the double digits. Wahhhhh! Actually I’m so happy or him and to see who he’s becoming, but it’s still so bittersweet seeing him grow up so quickly right before my eyes. He is the one that made me a mom, and I’m so happy God chose him for me.   We had the BEST time taking these pics! We went out on a mom/son date on evening then drove to take pics. I justView full post »

The O Family, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco, Texas, Family Photographer

Amber is one of my friends that I was lucky enough to meet and get to know while at Baylor. She is a doll! I haven’t seen her in a great while but we picked up right where we left off! Her family is the CUTEST! These kids were so much fun. I loved their personalities. Beautiful family! I love the father/daughter and mom/son pics. Really I love every combo, but aren’t the below pics just the sweetest? See? Adorable. And Colin and Harper. Let’s talk about their cuteness fromView full post »

Baby Jack is One, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer, Child Photographer

At the beginning of this school year I had the honor of taking one year photos of Baby Jack. If you remember I got to take newborn pics of Jack as well, so it was so special to see this handsome fella a year later captured in life long pics. He is a a little man full of joy! So happy, so squeezable and so handsome. I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow with his sweet parents, Carroll and Grady. Carroll wanted to have a more lifestyle shoot for this photo session which was reallyView full post »

Waco Wonderland Fun, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco, Texas, Child Photography, Lifestyle Photography,

You guys…we FINALLY went to Heritage Creamery in Waco by Baylor campus a week or so ago. SO WORTH IT. We all had something different and were all equally impressed…or full (sure sign of a great tasty treat is a full belly!). Not only is the ice cream and ingredients fresh and local, but it also tastes incredible! Now can we all just take a second to swoon over their back porch art work?! LOVE. The whole place is just the cutest. So my little man went super exotic with a vanillaView full post »

Summer Scootin’, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco, Texas, Child Photographer, Lifestyle Photographer

Summer is here and flying by…is it really mid-July already? Well no, but practically. I could sit parked in summer year around. It’s the most fabulous time of kids just being kids. Riding scooters, playing in creeks, exploring and yes…sometimes we just veg out and spend the day lazy inside. Summer stay…don’t leave! Today on instagram I said, “It’s Monday…stick your tongue out and have some fun!” Well I stick to that mantra today…makeView full post »

Summer: Water Balloon Fight & Giggles, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco, Texas, Child Photograper, Lifestyle Photographer

Yesterday my little Birdie and her friend Lucy had the grand idea of a water balloon fight. I really had no excuse not to help them, so I figured “why not?” The hot summer weather was basically begging for something that involved water and fun, so we proceeded along and got the supplies ready in an assembly line in the kitchen. Birdie picked out the balloons, Lucy filled them up and I got to tie them into a neat little knot (on another note, tying balloon knots is for the birds).View full post »

Sam & Jordan: Waco Engagement at McLane Stadium, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco, Texas

I had the best time back in May hanging out with this gorgeous and gracious couple at Baylor’s McLane Football Stadium on evening. They have been dating for some time, but are now officially engaged and ready to tie the knot! Jordan is a football coach, so taking pictures at McLane meant a lot to this couple since they’ve spent so much time with this team on this field and the no longer Floyd Casey. As a Baylor alum, I LOVED getting to take this pics in a place that I spend a lot ofView full post »

Baylor Senior: Natalie, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Waco, Texas, Baylor Photographer, Senior Photographer

It’s almost that time of year where we say goodbye to all of our graduating seniors, and send them on their way to go out and conquer the world. This beautiful young lady is about to say goodbye to Baylor University, and hello to Southern Methodist University for Grad School. She is on her way to wonderful things! I loved taking Natalie’s pictures at Baylor. We had SO MUCH FUN! We walked all over campus to places that meant something special to her…but no one can leaveView full post »