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  • Hi there, I'm Jaime. Thanks for stopping by today!

    I'm a born and bred East Texas girl who landed in the big city of Austin after graduating from Baylor University. After living in Austin for 14 years my family moved back to the wonderful city of Waco where my husband owns Shorty's Pizza Shack with his friend, Shorty. We are loving being back in the land of green and gold!

    I love photography with little rules, capturing what I find beautiful and watching the art take life in the final product. My style is pretty organic, primarily using nature as the backdrop. I love natural light, natural moments and natural honesty. That means I just love it if your little one has a speck of dirt wiped across their face due to playing in the park...it tells the story of the moment. I also love the candid moments that occur between families, friends and couples when they forget that anyone else is around. That's when those treasure shots happen for me as the photographer.

    I've been taking pictures since I was around seven years old. Thank you, Mom, for letting me go through endless rolls of film on things like my posing my teddy bears. {Bless my heart!} My love affair with my first DSLR camera started over 8 years ago when I had children. I immediately got to work not only learning my new camera, but also learning the art of photography. I haven't looked back since! It was definitely one of those moments in life where I felt that I'd found my niche, passion and creative outlet.

    Again, thanks for getting to know a bit about me. Life is busy yet beautiful, and I wouldn't have it any other way!

    Thank you to Rachel Whyte Photography for our beautiful family picture on this page.

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  • Lynne - Sorry to bother you over a crazy question like this, but I saw your china dishes on tv. I have an antique pattern that I have not been able to find more of and your dishes seem like they would coordinate well with mine. Could you tell me your pattern name? Thanks! Congratulations on your photography-it’s beautiful!ReplyCancel

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