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At the beginning of this school year I had the honor of taking one year photos of Baby Jack. If you remember I got to take newborn pics of Jack as well, so it was so special to see this handsome fella a year later captured in life long pics. He is a a little man full of joy! So happy, so squeezable and so handsome. I can’t wait to continue to watch him grow with his sweet parents, Carroll and Grady.


Carroll wanted to have a more lifestyle shoot for this photo session which was really fun. Basically lifestyle is where you just come over to their house and take pics of them in their element doing their thing. We had fun…didn’t really pose much and just snapped some great moments!


Precious, sweet family!


Between the baby blues above and the cheeks and lashes above, I was swooning. I love babies!


I was also swooning over Carroll’s hair. It is gorgeous! She has recently cut it all off and it is also the cutest hairdo ever. I think the bottom line is that Carroll just has good hair and style. I need tips!


Jack has a cute, colorful playroom that he loves to have a blast in. Below he is wearing his Grandfather’s favorite hats. His grandfather went to be with his Heavenly father around the time Jack was born, so these hats are beyond special and sentimental. Jack LOVED them!

Thank you to Carroll, Grady and Jack for letting me snap your beautiful family again. It was such a treat!

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