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You guys…we FINALLY went to Heritage Creamery in Waco by Baylor campus a week or so ago. SO WORTH IT. We all had something different and were all equally impressed…or full (sure sign of a great tasty treat is a full belly!). Not only is the ice cream and ingredients fresh and local, but it also tastes incredible! Now can we all just take a second to swoon over their back porch art work?! LOVE. The whole place is just the cutest.


So my little man went super exotic with a vanilla (;-)) shake. He slurped it dry. Donezo…delish. Do you see the adorable mason jar glass of water? They have them out self-serve. So efficient and great for a hot, Texas day!


Finished milk shake = happy child. Check.


Birdie went the other direction of exotic and chose chocolate ice cream…they really know how to expand their palettes.;-)She licked her ice cream clean and had fun attempting to become a koala bear.


Licked clean…time to attempt the koala again…


#Nailedit!  Another happy child= Check. Goal. We’re all full; life is good.


After finishing our yummy treats we walked next door to Common Grounds. This is the coffee shop of my youth. When I was in college I would probably frequent this place on an every other day basis (well maybe not, but I would think about it that often at least). I don’t get there near enough nowadays, so it was fun to show it to the kids.

What struck me the most during this trip was the “Welcome Home” sign that greets you as you walk up to the coffee haven. I made the kids pose for a totally contrived pic here b/c after 1.5 years in Waco I do feel like we’re finally home…and it feels good.  Thanks, Waco!


Last we went to the new Rosenbalm Fountain on Baylor’s campus. We went in the evening so it was basically empty. Little Birdie was just living the dream of being a kid, going crazy while my little man kept running around in circles by the fountain. Oh to be a kid again!


I have a thing with kid jumping pictures…and this fountain didn’t hurt my jumping plight. Yep, it encouraged it. They jumped for joy on our fun night in Waco, and I shot the pic…mission accomplished. Delish ice cream, a “welcome home” sign and a jumping kid pic with the bonus of water…yep, it was a great evening!

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