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I had the privilege of taking photos of a fabulous friend from college and her family.  My friend, Molly, and her husband met at Baylor University.  While they no longer live in Waco, they decided that Baylor would be the perfect backdrop for their family photographs.  I’m sure any Baylor bear can remember sitting on one of these gold and green swings on campus!


First stop was Pat Neff Hall because you can’t take pics of Baylor and not have this special tower in the background of some some of your images.  Many memories were made on these lawns!


I love this picture.  We were at Tidwell Bible building where the Man of the house took many classes.  His little man was pretty much over the photos until Dad got him to laugh…my fave moments are captured in this part of a session.  LOVE the genuine happiness shown!

A good time was had by all!  Thank you, S family!

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