Hey Kindergarten Part 1, Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Children Photographer

Hey Kindergarten!  You are getting one smart, sassy and lovable little gem this year, named Reese.  This precious girl has been my Caroline’s friend since the day she was born.  Seriously, we went to meet little Miss in the hospital when my Caroline was only 7 days old.  The two are more like sisters that get along like best friends.  So you’ll have to excuse the overly mushy, descriptive words used to describe Reese.  I’m a little sentimental on this one.

I feel like her mama and I were pregnant with the girls a year ago and kindergarten isn’t really happening.  But it is…and as sad as it is, I’m also thrilled for Reese and Caroline.  I hope they always cherish these sweet photos for years to come, documenting their journey into many years of school ahead.   <3






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