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Jaime Ferguson Photography, Austin Family Photographer

I’m just a wee bit excited right now.  Just a bit.  Maybe a ton, but seriously, I’m trying to keep it all in.  After spending a good 6 years photographing my family and friends while learning the art of photography I’ve decided to take the plunge and go for it…and this is it.  My website…my love…my art…”Jaime Ferguson Photography.”  Now say that 3 times while jumping on one foot…{snickering giggle}.  ;-) Boy, that’s a mouthful!

I’ve always waited for the right time to start this professional photography adventure.  An adventure that I knew I could handle with quality results.  However the right time thing has always made me pause.  One day I realized that I’m never going to officially feel ready because I’m always learning…learning new methods, discovering new ideas and gauging how it’s all working together in this daily adventure I call life!  That’s my personality regarding all things of interest and photography ranks at the top.  If I don’t know something about basically anything that truly interests me then I tend to dive in researching, learning and doing.  The culmination of all these things is what’s led me to take the final plunge to get this adventure started.

So here I am.  Here it is.  Here we go!  Jaime Ferguson Photography (that’s me!).   I’m so very excited and honored to start this chapter doing something I love!   Wahoo!

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